In this digital era, one of the things that company CEOs need to pay attention to is the performance of their websites.

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Table of Content

1. Business Problem

I’m trying to solve the problem of a company CEO who is not very happy with sales volume, especially sales coming from new users. Therefore, he asked me to investigate if there was something wrong with the conversion funnel or in general whether I could suggest how the conversion rate could be improved.

2. Website Overview

This site is very simple and only has 4 pages:

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Table of Content

1. Introduction: Bussiness Problem

Surabaya is the capital of the Indonesian province of East Java. According to the National Development Planning Agency, Surabaya is one of the four main central cities of Indonesia, alongside Jakarta, Medan, and Makassar. The city has a population of 2.89 million within its city limits in 2019 and 9.5 million in the extended Surabaya metropolitan area, making it the second-largest metropolitan area in Indonesia.

Apart from being useful as a means of entertainment, the cinema also serves as a way to reduce the public from watching pirated films. The…

Ishardina Cholifatul Hidayati

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